Update Log...

Song Spout 2.0.5-6 (11 July 2017)
Google changed some things, so did we...
TO DO?: Questions/Suggestions?

Song Spout 2.0.4 (11 March 2017)
Fix For m4a files not playing on many systems. m4a file structure fix.

Song Spout 2.0.3 (5 March 2017)
Google Switched away from the mp3 format
We are now working with m4a files!

Song Spout 2.0.2 (26 Jan 2017)
Fix issue for not saving tracks
Added 64-bit support!

Song Spout 2.0.1 (8 Jan 2017)
v2 initial bug fixes

Song Spout 2.0.0 (3 Jan 2017)
Major backend overhaul
Noticible increase in performance.

Song Spout 1.3.1 (21 Jun 2016)
Fixed Settings button
Better compatibility.

Song Spout 1.3.0 (10 Mar 2016)
Force Garbage Collection for flash object.
Lower Memory Usage Due to Garbage Collection

Song Spout 1.2.9 (9 Jan 2016)
Fixed issue with some Windows 7 systems.
Added functions to save tracks that you
have uploaded or purchased.

Song Spout 1.2.8 (2 Jan 2016)
Crash Prevention, Check for a troubled version of Flash.

Song Spout 1.2.7 (17 Dec 2016)
Auto features stabilized.

Song Spout 1.2.6 (11 Dec 2015)
Fixed download issue due to Google update

Song Spout 1.2.5 (21 Nov 2015)
Fixed album view bug for IE11 systems
Without compatibility mode enabled.

Song Spout 1.2.4 (17 Nov 2015)
Fixed album view bug for IE11 systems.
We can now make some compatibility adjustments
on the fly without pushing an update for future
google bugs.

Song Spout 1.2.3 (10 Nov 2015)
Auto functions Fix for some users

Song Spout 1.2.2 (26 Aug 2015)
No-Save Fix for IE11 systems.

Song Spout 1.2.1 (26 Aug 2015)
No-Play Fix for IE11 systems.

Song Spout 1.2.0 (17 May 2015)
Compatable with new Google Interface

Song Spout 1.1.1-6 (22 September 2014)
Not Saving Bug fixed (1.1.5)
Support for Unicode Filenames
Thanks for the error reports!

Song Spout 1.1.0 (10 September 2014)
Added Fullscreen Mode via F11
Google Compatibility Fixes

Song Spout 1.0.9 (30 August 2014)
Added Fullscreen Mode via F11
Google Compatibility Fixes

Song Spout 1.0.7-8 (11 July 2014)
More Fixes for unsupported countries.
Special Thanks to Angel for your help!
Fix for Google's unsupported countries.

Song Spout 1.0.5-6 (24 June 2014)
Removed Google Labs checking.
Thanks for fixing this google!

Song Spout 1.0.3-4 (28 May 2014)
Special Thanks to Archer for your help!
Detect Issues in Google Labs. (Archer)
Enhanced filename compatability.

Song Spout v1.0
Major Backend Overhaul.
We are now out of beta!

Song Spout v0.9.34-36
Added Album Artist Tag.
Various bug fixes.
Fix for taging with ampersand in track name.
Fix for some songs not saving.
Fix for occasional double skip.

Song Spout v0.9.32-33
Improve auto skip and buffer.
Fix for songs not starting after a google update.

Song Spout v0.9.31
Fix for IE11 on Windows 8.1 machines.

Song Spout v0.9.30
Fix Save Songs longer than an hour.
Fix for machines with a changed system locale.

Song Spout v0.9.27-29
r28-29 Error Fixes for some users.
r27 Fix Settings Button
r27 Windows 8.1 Preview Compatable

Song Spout v0.9.19-26
r20-26 - Multiple Bug fixes (thanks for reporting!!!)
r19 - Genre tag fix

Song Spout v0.9.19
Crash fixes. (Thank You for reporting errors)
Display improvements.

Song Spout v0.9.17
Crash fixes.

Song Spout v0.9.16
Remember save location.
Fix crash, added error reporting.

Song Spout v0.9.15
Fix for double digit track numbers.

Song Spout v0.9.14
Added tags for track numbers, genre and year.
Option to choose save directory.

Song Spout v0.9.13
Added Auto Save Options
Other Mimor improvements

Song Spout v0.9.12
Fix crash when saving certain songs

Song Spout v0.9.11
Fix crash on machines without admin rights
Fixed Save functionality for other languages

Song Spout v0.9.10
Buffer Improvements
Fixed Mp3 frame error.

Song Spout v0.9.8-9
Fixed Display Issues.
Improved Windows cross compatibility.
other minor fixes.

Song Spout v0.9.7
Fixed crash when saving songs with odd names.
Improved Buffer.